Saturday, 29 June 2013

# 74 (2013) Why We Are Who We Are

I never thought much of Russell Brand. He just seemed like another celebrity douche-bag trying to work out what he was contributing to society and failing.

And then I saw his documentary about drug addiction 'From Addiction to Recovery'. And I started to understand him a bit more and respect him for how far he had come and how he had used his experiences to put something back and form his take on the world. The documentary showed him in a different light, as a human being who may have come back from the brink of death and had all the war wounds to prove it.

And I respect that. I have more admiration for someone who has faced some sort of adversity than those who have lived in a bubble all their lives and base their knowledge on what the media tells them or how their family lives their perfect lives.

People who flippantly criticise or look down on others because they can, because they have no time to care about why something is the way it is, really aren't doing themselves any favours in the great scheme of social things.

Hats off to Russell Brand though. He survived something, and that's got to count.

Brand: How it used to be (source)

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