Friday, 27 July 2012

# 102 Creative finances

There is no doubt that potentially running out of cash leads to one searching for ever more creative ways to make money. Ebay of course is probably the first point of call. Anything that isn't nailed down and is worth a few quid is likely to be on your hit list. And creating space is good, right?

Thankfully, years of hoarding are now paying off for me and as I wanted to clear out anyway this is definitely killing two birds with one stone. I keep turning up all sorts of hidden gems that are keeping my landlord happy and food in my fridge.

Ebay - helping people sell their crap to other people (source)
But there are so many more ways you can make money. I found this on xoJane today which did make me laugh but it also made me think 'hang on a minute!'

I've actually seen these sorts of listings on ebay as well. I don't know if sellers are making much money but how easy is this???? I am ALMOST tempted to do it. Hell, I WOULD do it. I've actually checked out craiglist and it's loaded with adverts for 'used underwear for sale'. Clearly this is not an unusual way of making a quick buck.

And then there are lists like this. From barbeques to parking spaces anything goes. People are even renting out their possessions. But hang on, haven't they been doing that in London for some time now? Yes they have, and here's the proof. For £12.50 a day you can rent a private drive way in Victoria, London - for example.

Rent a pet - the dog of your dreams for just a day (source)
You can even rent out pets. Surely not. Oh yes, go here to rent a pet. I wonder if there is a site where you can rent a child? For those people that want kids but really don't have the space or time for them.  I guess that's called child minding huh? But I did check on Google, just in case.....

Once I have exhausted my stash of saleable items I'm not sure what to try out next. I have a lot of books, but I kind of need them for the foreseeable future and there's no money to be made in selling my clothes on ebay.

Perhaps I will work as a phone sex chat line operator or start a dog walking service or become a house sitter? Now there's a good idea. If I could set enough of those up, I might not even need a place to live. The mind boggles.......

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