Friday, 15 February 2013

# 31 (2013) Calorie Counter

I am back on the food wagon counting calories.The main reason is that I lead quite a sedentary lifestyle. My job means I don't do a whole lot of moving about and I don't have the motivation to exercise on a regular basis. I have to pay the price somewhere.

So I'm using my favourite calorie counter Food Focus to log everything I eat and see where I am going wrong because I thought I was now eating a fairly restrained diet and yet me weight is the same.

The sad fact is that pretty much everything you eat is overloaded with calories. My lazy lifestyle means I should be eating less than 1500 calories a day but that's incredibly hard to stick to when you're also challenged with a tight food budget. Most of the cheaper foods that stock my cupboard are loaded with unnecessary calories and aren't all that interesting in themselves so keeping food exciting is a challenge and boredom can lead to all kinds of problems.

The other day for instance I skipped breakfast because of a late start and in anticipation of a larger than average lunch which failed to materialise. So there I was at half past one, hungry. I weakened and bought a 60p packet of biscuits. Now, I only ate 9 of them, but that replaced both the meals I had missed, and not surprisingly I felt hungry again pretty soon and was starving by the time I could legitimately start preparing dinner.

Food should be fun and enjoyable. It can also be hugely comforting - largely I guess because of the artificial flavourings we are all used to these days. But if you can't enjoy food without worrying about what's in it, what's the answer?


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