Wednesday, 13 February 2013

# 29 (2013) Anonymous

I like getting comments on posts I have made. It shows someone is reading them and cares enough to respond. I do find it quite frustrating however when I get anonymous posts or those made under fake profiles set up purely for the purpose of adding a single comment.

As the people posting seem to be very passionate about what I have said, sometimes seemingly screaming and often swearing I presume their position must be a very particular to the subject.

On that basis I would be really interested to know who these people are so I can understand where they are coming from and their reasons for being so shouty at me for having a personal opinion that doesn't fit their agenda. 

Is their anonymity because they don't want to be seen making such comments? Because of their background? Because of their connections? I hate to say it but it comes across as cowardice. Of course, I don't know who they are or their reasons for posting under the anonymous banner so I hope they have good legitimate reasons.

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