Monday, 11 March 2013

# 38 (2013) Superscrimper

Now that I have inadvertently found myself with a three bed house all to myself (thanks dude!) the gloves are finally off when it comes to saving money on bills.

I have only two months left on my tenancy before I move house and the aim is to leave owing nobody anything so that I can start afresh in May. With any luck I might even get a few rebates.

Several days ago I switched off the central heating. But as gas is far more expensive than electricity at the moment I am allowed a ration with my convector heater which is just as well as it's been snowing on and off for 24 hours and it's like an icebox in here.  Cold is the biggest torture for me. Anything else I can cope with but being cold makes me incredibly miserable. I have noone to blame but my ancestry.

I am already well versed in switching off lights (energy saving bulbs only), not leaving gadgets on standby and using the washing machine only when I really have to and I've just switched off the separate freezer since it's only me here (apparently I could save up to £4 a month on that). According to British Gas I use 90% of my electricity at night. Handy as I'm on a 2 tier rating.

There are plenty of places to get information on how much electricity is used by gadgets that sit idle all day. It's shocking how much money some of them gobble up.

Food wise I think I have finally gotten over the hill of feeling hungry a lot of the time and the food rations are lasting well. I bulk cook so that one session will last several meals and I still make my own bread which is a great fill in when other things are scarce or I need a 'food hit'. Carbs are my weakness. They make me happy.

I'm trying to pay off the last of my debts. My New Look store card which has been my clothing ration book for years hasn't been used since last October. I think I've done well.

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