Tuesday, 30 April 2013

# 57 (2013) The Best Spring Clean

So there it is. I have moved. I have managed to condense my previous existence in a three bedroom house into one room in a house share. It's official. And I am rather chuffed with myself. I have streamlined, downsized, sold and thrown away more junk and unwanted clutter in my life than you can possibly imagine, both physically and metaphorically.

I've moved on yet again. I have learnt the lessons and I am not going to make any of the old mistakes again. This is the beginning of the rest of my life. And it feels like the best spring clean ever. 

As if the week couldn't get any better my six week data entry role in a mind numbingly boring office will also come to an end and I can get back to the studio. Because if there is one thing that's certain, it's that creatives do not belong in office environments.

By the time I leave I will have processed nearly 5000 enrollment forms and stuffed and franked envelopes for almost the same. It's the same thing day in day out but it pays well enough to fill a noticeable gap in my income and for that reason alone it has been worth it.

I shan't be sad to leave however. I won't miss my new routine - dreading Monday mornings, wishing the week away. I liked how it was before when Monday's were happy days and I could get everything done when it needed doing rather than trying to crush everything into Saturday before the banks shut.

I know that ultimately there will be periodic returns to the office. But each one will have an ending in sight which makes them all bearable. For now, I am looking forward to having my creative freedom back again.

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