Monday, 2 September 2013

# 85 (2013) Sharing Finances - Do You Don't You?

What is your stance on sharing finances with a partner? I have always been fiercely independent where money is concerned and have never shared a bank account with a partner, even ones I lived with for 8 years. And the reason? Because up until recently my 'other halves' have always been completely incapable with money.

To be fair, I am very good with my cash. I am a saver and am never pushed into hasty decisions by offers, deals or unguarded shopping sprees - no matter how tempted I may be. I am businesses nightmare. You won't catch me out.

I can't live hand to mouth like some people. I put money away for a rainy day. Whether it's a light April shower or a monsoon you should always be ready. I hate debt and avoid it at all costs. And I keep all my spends on excel spreadsheets so I know exactly what I am dealing with. I've always been like this, but going to Uni and then running my own business have shown me that what I am doing is the best way. If I hadn't, I'd be on benefits living in a council flat (if I was lucky) by now. As it stands, my income may not be so great at the moment, but I'm not panicking just yet. I have invested and watch the pennies and it's serving me well. Even four years on.

My opinions on sharing finances has never changed. And it never will, no matter whether I am the main earner or not. Sharing the bills on where you live is one thing. It's an even split. But as for everything else, it needs to be kept well away. I don't care what someone else is doing with their money, but bills come first. And I don't want my surplus cash dragged into the equation.

It's a vulnerable state to be in, having to rely on someone else for your finances. And I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.


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