Saturday, 18 August 2012

# 107 Keith Bennett postscript

There was something horribly ironic about this weeks news that Ian Brady may have written a letter disclosing the location of the body of the last of his victims buried on Saddleworth Moor - Keith Bennett. And then two days later Keith's mother finally succumbed to illness and died aged 78 never knowing if it was true. Perhaps it tipped her over the edge. Perhaps in her heart she believed it was finally over and she could go in peace.

Keith Bennett

I have no qualms in advocating the death sentence for the likes of the Ian Brady's, Dennis Neilsen's and Jeffrey Dahmer's of this world. They are just taking up space and tax payers money. They will never serve a useful purpose in society.

But keeping Ian Brady and his cohort Myra Hindley alive did serve some purpose. In 1987 they disclosed the whereabouts of 16 year old Pauline Reade's body leaving just Keith Bennett's whereabouts unknown.

Ian Brady, who has so callously guarded the secret of the 12 year old's whereabouts since his imprisonment 46 years ago, may now reveal the location of his makeshift grave. It was the letters he wrote to be opened after his death, which is thankfully taking its time coming, which may now solve the mystery and allow Keith a decent burial.

Saddleworth Moor - like looking for a needle in a haystack

Brady's death is slow to come as he gradually succumbs to 13 years on hunger strike. Force feeding for all that time, keeping him alive against his will, has been the ultimate punishment. He doesn't deserve to die - just yet. He has just one more act to carry out if he can find one ounce of decency in his corrupt body.

Myra Hindley died in 2002, still desperate to be released into society and thankfully she never made it. But Brady has no such desire and has no intention of leaving prison except in a wooden box.

I hope, like so many others watching the news this week, that they now find Keith. It would be the last act which finally puts this terrible case to rest. And with any luck Brady will live to see it, because he has always relished in the knowledge that he held this piece of information back. To know it is finally out there, would be retribution at last.

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley - Brady used Hindley to lure children to their deaths

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