Tuesday, 18 September 2012

# 111 Wardrobe space

And so it's that time of the year when temperatures plummet and we realise that autumn is well and truly upon us. It's also about this time that I begin the annual wardrobe swap around.

I have several wardrobes. I do. No really. And it's now I find all the clothes I hadn't bothered to wear, forgot I even had, or made a vow to wear next season and clearly didn't.

Because, if the truth be told, I have become a very lazy dresser. This is made even more shameful because I am a clothing designer. And this really should give me the edge. Gok would be ashamed. :( See - sad face.

Unfortunately I have become very used to comfortable (jeans), easy wear (vest tops and cardigans) and WARM (layers). If there is one overriding factor about me, it's that I feel the cold. A lot. I am a Southerner by birth and Italian by descent. And the Midlands is damned cold as far as I'm concerned. And the summer is far too short.

I am going to make a concerted effort though. I like jersey knit, my feet not hurting from wearing silly heels all day (yay for Converse) and being warm so this will be a challenge. The wardrobe swap around has at least revealed some fun knitted dresses (including a jazzy vintage number I haven't worn for two winters)  and some interesting jumpers.

It's a dilemma because I don't see the connection between dressing up and dressing comfortably. Particularly when you're dressing modern. Skirts and dresses are way too short, the fabric is flimsy and the designs rarely lend themselves to being teamed with a chunky knit cardigan. BUT I am going to try. I've shifted all the interesting fun stuff and mix and match into my regular wardrobe and put a stack of warm knit and evening dresses into my overflow wardrobe as backup and evening wear solutions.  And I'm scouring ebay for interesting vintage pieces. Plus, I am designing a few because really I have no excuse not to these days.

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