Wednesday, 31 October 2012

# 116 Who Wants To Be A Grown Up

This week I bought a knitted body warmer from a certain well known high street shop. It had a fleecy hood which seemed appropriate given the near arctic conditions I have had to endure of late (I'm a Southerner) and so it seemed to be a basically practical if slightly dull item.

I had already decided to buy it but to get the full look I put it on in the mirror of the store and put the hood up. Then I discovered it had ears on it.

I always steered clear of obvious eared accessories (source)
That I continued to the check out and bought said item without hesitation reminded me that I have never really grown up. Three years at Uni and now being my own boss have only served to re-enforce this state of mind and general air of irresponsibility. And whilst I am still getting away it, that's fine by me.

I suppose a lot of it is because I have quite squarely put myself into the position of having no real commitment. My life is my own except perhaps that teensy weensy business that I now manage. But essentially that is it.

I made a very conscious choice a long time ago to remain child free. I've never been in a fortunate enough position to even consider a mortgage (given the number of times I have moved) and I have pretty much drifted where fate has taken me. I like to live in new places and I will eventually get bored of the same old town.

Of course that's not to say I haven't had some narrow misses. I've had more than a handful of long term relationships that could have turned into the rest of my life - most of them totally unsuitable and doomed to failure from the start. Perhaps subconsciously that is why I have remained in this semi-permanent teen state. I never felt the urge to settle and circumstances always kept me on my toes.

I hope that when I reach the age where wearing clothing with ears on and being the proverbial rolling stone become less than dignified or practical, that I will notice it, or someone will tell me in no uncertain terms. But I am hoping I'll be getting away with it for some time yet. I like it and nothing about it worries me. Because I don't particularly want to be a grown up.

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