Monday, 5 November 2012

# 117 Stop moaning

I have resisted posting lately, since everything I want to talk about is a moan and I'm sure you don't want to hear that so close to the big happy festive season. Meh!

Besides which, that's what your Facebook timeline is for. And boy have there been a lot of moaners on there lately. Thank goodness for 'unsubscribe to newsfeed'. My Timeline is a bit of a ghost town now but I'd rather have no news than moan news.

Instead, happy things on my blog update. Things that are silly, outrageous or just made me laugh. As I've said before I don't want to grow up. Why should I? So here are my childish and amusing interjections of the week.

# 1 Look what I was given as a present - a Princess Bubblegum keyring. Because Adventure Time is cool!

# 2 This week I discovered Nyan Cat. Cute and annoying all at once this random union between a cat and a poptart resulting in this cheeky chap with rainbows coming out of his arse, never fails to make me chuckle.


Sadly the cat which inspired it - Marty - died this month. :(

# 3. Still on the cat theme - this has to get a look in. This never fails to make me laugh. I DEFY you not to be instantly cheered up by this little dude.

 # 4 From cats to dogs and the amazing photographs taken by Seth Casteel - Underwater Dogs. These fascinate me and the production on them is incredible.

# 5 Lastly. Check out the amazing Miss Cakehead who makes the most graphic and potentially stomache churning bodily inspired cakes you've ever seen. The attention to detail is incredible but even so the cakes look yummy. But beware if you're easily offended - the chocolate anuses may not be to everyone's liking! Check out her masterpieces here via Wordpress and on her Facebook page. 

Find more creations like this via Facebook here

In the immortal words of Loony Toons - 'That's All Folks'.

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