Saturday, 11 February 2012

# 42 Bridget Jones Syndrome

I was chatting to a friend the other night over a bottle of wine (like you do) and we got onto 'Bridget Jones syndrome (BJS)' of which we both seem to be sufferers. We lightheartedly compared notes on situations we had found ourselves in and the stupid things we had said and done that were just 'so Bridget'.

Now I've checked this up on the internet and what I think of as 'BJS' isn't always what everyone else thinks it is (30 something women still on the dating game), so I am going to go along with my version of it which is like 'foot in mouth' syndrome.

I found this blog on Wordpress and read the unfolding tale of this poor woman's attempts at dating on You could see it in your head as she rolled seamlessly from one disasterous date to another and situations which seemed totally out of her control. It wasn't the dating that was the syndrome, but the scrapes she got into along the way.

I have to admit, I'm not THAT bad (thank god), but my night out with my friend did kind of end in a Bridget Jones way for both of us thanks to the combination of two bottles of wine, some snow and a very steep hill and I think we felt a bit deflated by the end of the night.

Perhaps we shouldn't be let out at the same time? If two BJS sufferers go out together for an evening it's sure to spell disaster of some sort or another isn't it?

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