Saturday, 4 February 2012

# 35 This was the week that was....

Another incredibly busy week means I have really left it to the last minute getting today's blog out. In fact, I have failed. Boo! So what can I tell you to fill the space?

Perfect hottie
Well it snowed yesterday -  the first snow that has settled in 2012, although to be fair it didn't stop play. The absolutely freezing temperatures however have frozen my brain and just about everyone elses. We long for spring. I have craved water bottles all week but got only one. And toasty it was too. But that's another story.

In other news I have 3 weeks until dissertation final hand in and 2000 words still to go. This is poor in my book as I was doing so well up until Christmas. And then they went and insanely gave us a month off Uni for the festivities. Trying to back into work mode has been horrendously difficult. Also, I sneakily booked a few photoshoots in on Mondays which are essentially 'Dissertation Day' so that probably hasn't helped.

I am planning to redress the balance next week although I find working from home a struggle as I treat Uni like the 9 - 5 so in the evenings I just want to come home and chill out, not do more work. But as University work is only half of the story at the moment this is proving to be a bit of a tricky balancing act. Weekends tend to be work related these days, but I only have to be bear with it until the end of March and then I can take a breather until business officially begins mid May. Watch this space.

Have a good weekend all.

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