Friday, 17 February 2012

# 48 Three Years Ago I Died

I wanted to share this beautiful piece of writing with you. It broke my heart because it felt like it had been written about me. It is me. I am sure there are plenty of you out there who know what I mean. This is for all of you who read this and felt it, right in your heart. It is copied and pasted verbatim.

A little over Three years ago I died.... but let me tell you a story first.
There was once a young man who had a perfect and beautiful heart.
He used to show off his heart to anyone that would look at it. Everyone said it was beautiful and perfect.
One day he came across an old man, and told the old man he had a perfect heart and would he like to see it?
The old man said yes he would and said yes is it perfect, but beautiful was subjective, and then showed the young man his heart.
It was old, worn, pieces missing, holes and scars and mismatched patches all over it.
The young man asked why he had so many holes and patches and scars?
The old man said" when I find someone I love, I give them a piece of my heart. When others give me a piece of thiers, it fills the holes.
The young man asked about the scars? The old man told him that was where that piece had been taken back...
The young man then took a piece of his heart and filled one of the old mans holes.... The old man took part of his and filled the young mans hole.
The old man said," now your heart is truly beautiful. because a part has been given away freely and a part has been freely given."
I loved... I loved so much and was loved so much in return... I had given all of my heart away to her, and my heart was made up of so much of hers.
She was my world, and was a world away.... I missed her so much... and would do anything for her. But we were so far apart...
And one day, she took her heart back.
And I could not live without a heart... nothing left but a large scar, and so I died....
But I was not allowed to go away... I was given parts of many friends hearts to keep me alive... Old friends and many many new ones.
I have been given so many parts of so many hearts.
I have been told I have a very large heart.
But it is only that large, due to all the friends that love me so much... They keep me alive even tho I feel dead so much of the time.
I am told I give and give and give, but I can only give, because I have been given so much.
Some days I feel so empty... all the scars hurt so much... from all the parts of my heart that I have given away.
Some days I feel so full, from all the parts given to me by so many...
How can a heart be so full, and yet feel so empty... guess that would be the empty scars.
I feel loved everyday, from so many people. And it fills my heart and allows me to keep going on, so I can keep giving to others... Because giving to others is all I have ever known.

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