Thursday, 31 January 2013

# 18 (2013) Old Telephones

There is a phone in my house but it's not a real phone. As in, it's not user friendly. The landline is only there because I have to have one for broadband. I prefer to use my mobile.

This particular phone, whilst having novelty factor to unsuspecting visitors, is actually quite useless. For one, it's stuck to the wall so you have to stand up for the duration of the call. Two it doesn't have a proper handset as you can see. And you will get neck ache using it. And 3 you can't call a customer service line because you can't choose option 1 on a dial phone.

It's why it cost me £1.25 to sit on hold for 15 minutes to Admiral the other day to cancel my car insurance and ended up sending them an email anyway.

I hate you

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