Wednesday, 9 January 2013

# 5 (2013) SOS New Blogs

I put out a request for new personal blogs to read. I am nosey and I like interesting, informative and witty to the core writing. I am always won over by a good sense of humour.

I wish more of my friends had personal blogs so I could invade their personal lives. But it seems they don't.

I did get some alternative suggestions though. 27/b6 is my absolute favourite because it doesn't care and the humour is cruelly funny.

Last year sometime I wrote about how I wanted to be a funnier writer. The 27/b6 site is exactly the sort of writer I want to be. I love David Thorne's way with words. Stupidly I later discovered this is the guy responsible for the 7-legged spider emails. He is a genius.

I bet he doesn't ever finish a conversation, walk away and then think up a witty response after it's too late.

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