Friday, 25 January 2013

# 12 (2013) Self Destruction

I watched three programmes in succession the other day: 'Crazy For Party Drugs', 'Jaguars Born Free' and 'Supersize vs Superskinny'. That's a lot of worrying TV all in one go. And it scares me.

Mankind is a bizarre creature. We seem hell bent on using and abusing our bodies in any which way we can and using and abusing the world we live in to a frightening level of destruction. It seems we won't be happy until we've hunted to extinction anything we think we can make a buck out of or eaten our way through as much processed food as we can, to put ourselves into an early grave. 

It occurs to me we are done for. We are killing ourselves and killing the planet and unless something happens soon we are going to be out of planet. And it seems we're turning our attentions elsewhere too. Sad times.


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