Monday, 7 January 2013

# 3 (2013) Lazy Dresser

I am a phenomenally lazy dresser. I also love comfortable clothes. I love jersey, knit and all things cosy. I suppose this is a bizarre concept seeing as I am a clothing designer and it's something I want to address. And it's not a new thing either. I have always been like this.

I am a very poor advertisement for my business and that makes me sad.

Mental dress sense and getting away with it (source)
It's not that I don't have enough clothes (I do). But perhaps that's why I am lazy about sorting interesting outfits. Faced with so many options first thing in the morning my brain just goes 'meh' and I grab the first outfit that looks practical.

I don't have standard work outfits since I work for myself. It's really, anything goes. This should be license to wear what I want. But I also have to think practical since I work in a very cold studio (yes excuses I know) and looking trendy is out of the question when you need three layers of knit, thermal socks and an overcoat to get you through the day.

I try to buy mix and match pieces so I have plenty of options but it's not helping the decision making process. Also, cash is tight so the really nice pieces are way out of my price range and shopping sprees are limited to just a couple a season (I have to pay off my store card between visits).

I've tried to put my wardrobe into some sort of order so it's easier for me to lay my hands on the more interesting things I have.  And I've also tried sorting my outfits the night before. But it's just not working. Which I guess is just laziness. Perhaps the only way this will work is if I throw out all my ordinary stuff so I only have the interesting clothes left.

I really admire quirky and enthusiastic dressers. And I am always inspired by seeing the way other people dress. Clearly I am missing something. but as I rarely get the urge to shop and as I'm not that materialistic I don't have the drive. But it's no excuse and it bothers me. So I am going to try all of the above again because I am getting very bored of myself and that just won't do.

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