Thursday, 26 January 2012

# 26 Winter Blues

So, it's finally reached that time of the year when my Italian ancestry gets the better of me and my body finally gives up and admits defeat. I crave sun, more light than what can be offered by an energy saving bulb, fresh air and outdoors.

I would like the ground level of my house to dry out, to be able to open the windows and doors and turn off the blooming central heating.

I am sick of stodgy winter foods that I can't stop eating and I've piled on the winter weight and now feel fat, lethargic and just about ready for hibernation.

Thankfully it's nearly the end of January and already the evenings are starting to draw out - even if the mornings still feel like I'm getting up in the middle of the night.

A summers day at the beach - perfect
I am trying to remember what it feels like to sit in the garden in full sun, the hens clucking at my feet, whilst I look up into a blue sky and watch swallows sky dive and tumble overhead. It feels like a million years ago and yet it was just 4 months. Of course, before you know it, it'll be here again and we'll forget what winter was all about.

SAD - seasonal affective disorder - is a recognised disorder these days. It can range from simply feeling tired all the time and overeating, to symptoms of major depression. In its mildest form we probably suffer from it all at some time or another, especially if the winter has been particularly gloomy. I'd probably never consider doing anything about it except ploughing on.

My mum used to have this fantastic light box which you would put anywhere your eye could see it so that your brain would acknowledge the light levels. You would switch it on as the light went down outside and leave it on for a couple of hours and it would extend the daylight your brain was getting. A great idea and my mother swore by it.

I looked up these SAD bulbs and there's a whole category on Amazon for SAD products. They are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but there is a more affordable range here.

Does anyone out there use SAD approved lighting? Can you recommend anything on the cheaper end of the scale. I feel I need to top up my light levels to get me through next last couple of months.

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