Tuesday, 10 January 2012

# 10 Was 2011 really that bad?

Everyone is summing 2011 up as a pretty damp squib of a year. Well I suppose on a general level it was.

Our economy was pap, everyone else's economy was pap, our coalition Government was pretty pap, there were dozens of natural disasters all around the world and people who shouldn't have died - died. On the other hand we got rid of some rather nasty and dangerous nutty dictators.

2012 doesn't promise anything much better and I don't think anyone is under the illusion that because the numbers have ticked over by one, it'll be any different. We'll still be in recession along with everyone else it seems, our coalition Government isn't giving us any genuine glimmer of hope, there will continue to be natural disasters and for the icing on the cake, we've got the 2012 Olympics to deal with - a money spinning event of the year which appears to be causing half of our nations capital to shut down (yes I know that's a slight exaggeration) and will mean an enormous influx of visitors, some of which will inexplicably disappear once they reach British shores.  On the other hand Pat Butcher has finally kicked the bucket. Silver linings eh?

A squib - possibly damp (in case you were wondering)
This seam of dissatisfaction has certainly run through the lives of many of my friends and family as well. We've all had our ups and downs but despite a few painful lows in my own life which I have come through relatively unscathed, overall I have to say I had a pretty good year. 2012 can only get better unless I make some monumental cock up. I graduate this year, am hoping to advance my studies and my business will have grown its wings and flown the nest.

There are lots of amazing things happening out there over the next 12 months. Can you share a few and cheer us all up because the news is just so depressing at the moment.

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