Tuesday, 24 January 2012

# 24 Dopplegangers and strange first meetings

They say everyone has a doppleganger somewhere in the world - someone who is basically just like you. And given the number of people running around out there and the number of combinations of 'looks' there must be, it's a surprise there's only one. Of course, I have friends who come in identical three's. They know who they are.

I have a doppleganger. She's a top shelf model named Alexi which sadly means I can't show her pictures here. My mum's double turned up in a costume book I own modelling crinoline dresses. And on Saturday I met someone who seemed very like a friend of mine from Nottingham.

And then there are the look-a-likey's who you can't believe aren't related but actually aren't. I find it almost impossible to believe that there wasn't some sort of macabre hospital mix-up when these chaps were born. How can they NOT be related.

Stephen Tomkinson....

and Paul Tonkinson who I was
convinced had only vaguely
changed his name to avoid the
family connection. 

and Andrew Buchan

Alan Davies.....

Rob Brydon and Ben Miller looking similar anyway and turning up on QI with very similar shirts on was another case in point. 
Rob Brydon and Ben Miller, doing the doppleganger

And then there are those weird, 'don't I know you from somewhere?', scenarios. This also happened to me on Saturday whilst I was a fashion runway rehearsal in Birmingham. I was convinced I knew one of the models but I didn't say anything and later on in the afternoon she came up to me and asked if she knew me. 

Now, either we HAVE met before or there is some odd coincidence going on there. I will sleuth because I am so convinced I know this girl I shan't rest until I know for sure. 

I don't suppose these scenarios are unusual at all. But it does rather fascinate me. Do you have a doppleganger. I'd love to know.

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