Monday, 16 January 2012

# 16 Men are from Mars - Women are from Venus

I spotted this on Twitter last week and it reminded me that even though it is now 2012 men and women are still poles apart in every sense of the word.  This has been consolidated for me over the last few months by the men in or not in my life and the men/women coming into and going out of my friends lives. The old addage Men are from Mars - Women are from Venus rings true at every turn. This book was published in 1992 but it's STILL selling. Why can't everyone just accept that's the way it is. We're just different on every level and we just have to learn to get on with it.


So why are we are all so hell bent on trying to find the 'right one' without having to build in the compromise? Because I'm pretty sure perfect without string attached doesn't actually exist. Even when you do find a partner to settle down with, it's all just a big fat compromise. Which is fine if those are the rules and everyone is playing by them.

But what if you're done with constantly making concessions? Not all of us want to have to sit through football matches, play social graces with each other people's friend circles or pretend we're no longer looking at porn on the internet (who doesn't?). So I'm kind of wondering, why bother? And I'm not saying this as someone who has never tried and always dug their heels in. Ohhhh no, I've compromised until I forgot what I was compromising about. I'm too soft, that's the problem. I'm a pleaser, I want it to work.

Of course there's always the flip side. Yes of course girls ARE a minefield of contradictions, I'm not denying that or attacking the guys here. I've said too many of these phrases over the last couple of months, but I'm actually trying to believe it. At this moment in time being single is actually pretty cool. It's been ages since I was my own boss and I'm pretty sure the removal of the compromise has given me back many hours of my week.

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