Tuesday, 17 January 2012

# 17 Helping hands

I spent Sunday and Monday in London on business. Hence, I have been a little pushed for time getting this blog update ready. I apologise therefore, that it is short, but hopefully sweet.

I took the coach to London. It's door to door, I don't have to do any changes and it's far cheaper than the train, hence Viva la National Express! Tackling the underground with heavy luggage however poses a real problem. Many stations still don't have escalators and if the lifts aren't working it's a nightmare. If I was a wheelchair user I'd be stuffed. There would literally be no way out.

Victoria, Vauxhall and Finsbury Park were my stations of choice on this trip and all of them failed me in the stairs department. Thankfully, twice, I was offered help with my bags. It's a rare occurrence now, especially in London where everyone is rushing around minding their own business. They'd sooner step around you then stop for a moment to help.

The case that annoyed me so on the tube
I've never really had an issue with helping people. It often only takes a moment but can make all the difference to someone's day. Besides which it makes you feel good. There are still helpful people around mind you, but they're fewer and further between, more so in the city. I guess it's a sign of the times. We've become more wary, time focused and disinterested in folk around us.

The more densely packed we become in flats and house shares and the more slave to the rat-race the more introverted and self serving we seem to become. I'm quite impressed at how many people I chat to in our street. But I haven't always lived like that and a lot of people don't know their neighbours. Everyone lives in their own box and rarely ventures off into other people's.

I've noticed by writing this blog that other people's business is actually becoming quite interesting. And helping people is a good thing. So today, tomorrow, next week, help someone who needs a hand, especially if they're not expecting it. It makes you feel good!

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