Saturday, 28 January 2012

# 28 A Question of Character

Friday night was 'Supper Club' night at the Gainsborough Constituency Conservative Association at The White Heather at Caenby Corner. I attended primarily because its guest speaker was Rupert Matthews - author, historian and political activist.

Rupert Matthews - Editorial Director at
Bretwalda Books
Rupert is a very capable orator who gives fascinating talks in an interesting and informed manner on a variety of subjects. Tonight he gave an insightful overview of the Euro and a history of the European Union which was most definitely food for thought. If he'd been my history teacher at school, I think it would have been a whole different education.

To be honest, my friendship with Rupert has over the last few years I have known him, been sporadic to say the least since he is in Surrey and I am in Lincoln. It comes from, in more recent months, his association with Bretwalda Books as Editorial Director and it is to him I owe my thanks that my own book 'A Most Faithful Attendant' will at last be published.

Unfortunately Rupert has recently found himself the centre of press and media attention due to the resignation of Lincolnshire MEP Roger Helmer, whom Rupert would have succeeded as next in line had it not been for the intervention of Baroness Warsi. I am not going to go into a political discussion here however, that is not my motive for this write up.

I have however been intrigued and bemused at the nature of some of the press reportage on this situation and the way in which Rupert has been portrayed. I realise of course that anything involving politics is like treading on eggshells and that whatever you do or don't do will be scrutinised and criticised depending on who is reporting and the motives behind their attention.

That Rupert is an author with many wide and varied interests in history, the paranormal and the world of UFOs and aliens cannot and is not denied but it should not brand him in a bad light or make him unfit for his position. And whilst this is apparently not the motivation behind questioning regarding the validity of his candidacy as Roger Helmer's replacement you can't help but wonder if there isn't some sort of witch hunt going on as it keeps coming up time and again in press reports.

A prolific author on a variety of subjects

Reading recent press coverage you would be forgiven for believing Rupert to be of slightly questionable character, perhaps a little odd even - that is if you had not met him and only seen these misguided articles. If you met him you would realise that he is quite simply an interesting, educated and enthusiastic individual with a broad spectrum of interests that make him good company at the dinner table, an entertaining speaker and above all a trustworthy associate who is politically ambitious whilst wanting to do right by his party and to our country. And who wants their MP to be a boring, characterless politician in any case?

I would rather have someone who is passionate about the things that interest them, good company to be around and in it for the right reasons. It makes him human, down to earth and personable. I'd rather that than some of the corrupt individuals we've had to put up with in recent years.

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