Friday, 3 May 2013

# 59 (2013) The Cinderella Slayer

Modern man is a myth. And there should be more 'Cinderella Slayers' because if there were and a few more women read this article, there would be some happier single people out there.

I never had huge expectations of my partners. May be that was my downfall because I let them stick around for far too long. I was by nature a bit of a control freak and they were happy to let me take control of the bills, finances, Yeah, my boyfriends were all saps.

Whilst I didn't expect much of them I did hope they could wire a plug. But I guess that was asking too much. And the more I was let down the more I did it myself and the more redundant said partner became. And then I would eventually find no use for them and cast them out. And that is generally how my life has gone. In retrospect I blew the best years of my life. I have no idea what I was thinking. It was all a terrible terrible waste.

I am now a self sufficient individual who has a partner who doesn't depend on me. This is a new experience but an enjoyable one. I don't get to exercise my bossy nature very much and as a result it has subsided considerably. We both get to remember we are after all individual people and not one half of something more significant.

But too many women are still under the impression that the traditional relationship - man as provider and woman as homemaker - is a workable situation in modern times. I do have friends who have somehow made it a reality but to be honest they are people who have generally embraced a previous way of life and fortunate to have found it.

But there are still more being let down and even more singles both men and women refusing to budge until they find someone who ticks all the boxes. Good luck with that one.

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