Sunday, 19 May 2013

# 65 (2013) Money Appreciation

I find unnecessary spending rather obscene. I guess having lived at both ends of the financial scale (to a certain degree) I've learned to appreciate and be happy with the basics and abhore excessive expenditure and more than anything else - waste.

I suppose I've got very used to own brands and having only what I need. I don't get a buzz from shopping or spending money. I'd rather have it sitting in the bank where I can find it.

And this makes birthdays and Christmas rather tricky times. I come from a background where quantity has fewer limits, and where if you don't provide some guidance on gift lists, you'll end up with a million things you really don't need. I have therefore learnt to provide plenty of guidance in advance to save on pretended gratitude so that 'Thanks, I really needed that' means it.

I save all my bathroom non-essentials such as perfume or branded products for events such as this and they are easy stocking fillers for anyone because you are grateful for whatever you are given. I have put a stop to bringing back 'tat' from holidays. If you have to bring me something back make it edible because food is always at a premium and I love my food.

Food has started to make regular appearances in my birthday and Christmas gift bags. It seems sad but I get more of a kick from finding a 'luxury' product in my kitchen cupboard than I do in my bathroom.

If ever I make enough money to have spending cash at the end of the month and not have to worry I think I will always lead a relatively frugal existence. Excess funds will probably end up in the bank anyway. I appreciate and respect money and material goods more than I ever did and I don't think I could ever change. It's an inbuilt part of me now.

I no longer waste my money on alcohol or other 'kicks', expensive makeup or branded bathroom products. I just don't see the need. I don't buy entertainment except the occasional film 'treat' and you know what, that's just fine. Because it makes it more special.

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