Friday, 14 December 2012

# 131 The Hoarding Years

I completely understand what NatalieM on was on about when she posted this article. Up until recent times this was me and it was like a millstone round my neck. I have no explanation for it. There is something in-built in my genes that means I have to stockpile. 

Thankfully I seem to have got over my hoarding obsession and am enjoying the downsizing process ready to move house next year.

To be honest for someone of my age and situation I don't have a lot of possessions anyway. But I think that's because I get the moving bug on a fairly regular basis and moving is, to be honest, a pain in the arse. This was a conversation I had with my mother the other night. Apparently she's been tracking my moving schedule and every 4 or 5 years I 'up sticks'. I don't plan it that way, it just happens. It is ironic that it will be 4 years next year when I move again, although I'm not planning on moving town just yet.

I never got quite this bad (source)
But back to NatalieM..... She used a gifted Cath Kidston soap and soap dish as her prime example of hoarding for sentimental reasons. I have done this on many occasions and invariably attach ridiculous sentimentality to inanimate objects. But moving a lot has meant a lot of things have been lost or shed for practical reasons. I regret losing only a few of them. But there's only so much you can do.

I have far less to spend on myself now that I am running my own business and so all the bathroom paraphenalia I've hoarded is now slowly being used up. And the beauty of it is that it's not costing me a thing. Bathroom products are a luxury so I rely on birthdays and Christmas for top ups. I probably had about two years worth. Most of it saw me through my last financially crippling year as an undergraduate student which ended in June and now I am firmly entrenched in the financially crippling status of self employed it's still serving me well.

I banned for the sake of it presents generally some time back. I think it's a terrible waste. So everything is now practical, useful or edible which means there are hoarding limitations and means moving is going to be a far less painful process. 

I just hope no one sends me any housewarming gifts.

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