Saturday, 15 December 2012

# 132 Boycott

Starbucks recent promise to voluntarily pay back a chunk of Corporation Tax because of its customers reaction (and subsequent rise in sales at Costa) demonstrates quite clearly that power does lie with the consumer.

Google's Chairman recently announced that it was proud of its tax avoidance scheme. Whilst they are not breaking the law, this scathing comment does nothing for the company's image at a time when all big corporations are being closely watched. Perhaps I should migrate my blog to Wordpress after all.....

If you're a customer of any firm avoiding tax and you're unhappy about it you should think about taking action. After all if your Government won't do it, why shouldn't you?

Boycotting outlets or websites isn't difficult - you just stop shopping with them. It doesn't take long to make a noticeable dent in company profits which is all the voice a customer needs to be heard.

Google,, Boots, Cafe Nero (perhaps Costa will benefit from them too), Topman, Topshop, Vodaphone, Apple and Ebay are all well known brands blatantly taking advantage of convenient loop holes in the law whilst many UK businesses struggle to comply and the average consumer finds themselves squeezed financially at every turn.

If all those big tax dodgers paid their bills and the loop holes were closed, the Government coffers would be far healthier. Think how all those payments would benefit our struggling services and help those people in our community who are vulnerable and losing benefits because of the recession?

Just a thought. 


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