Friday, 29 June 2012

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My post earlier this week about naturism saw a surprising lift in blog traffic. I haven't posted much these last few months, things have been hectic and my attention has been diverted elsewhere. My blog a day is definitely NOT a blog a day anymore.

There's no doubt this has been the most popular post I've ever published which I have found intriguing for many reasons. So I looked at the stats for my other entries. 'Baring All' was closely followed by my post about literary tattoos way back in January and creativity and the educational sphere in May. Interesting that they all relate to body image and personal expression. And it got me thinking..

People are far more aware of their personal happiness and well-being these days. This is a good thing although I do wonder where this change of direction has come from. A recession that has restricted our spending power and made us more self sufficient? Perhaps we're just all fed up of the rat race and want a simpler life. All the things I wrote about were to do with getting back to basics, being happy from within and being at one in your own mind with who you are. These are important if you are to master the rest of the world around you. After all, if you're not happy with yourself how can you be happy with anything else?

My introduction to naturism has been a huge help. It's been an odd few months and the fall out from finishing my degree has put a lot of things into perspective, things I thought I had already worked out. It's been a shock to the system. All around me there are people caught up in unnecessary stress. Sometimes they are things of their own making, sometimes they are work related and you can't always escape that, sometimes it's just personal politics which I really don't have time for. 

Certainly things have changed for me. I am my own boss now, I can pick and choose my hours, my company, how I spend the precious hours I have away from my work. But it also means that I spend a lot of time on my own as I work from home. And I suppose that has been the hardest adjustment to make, going from a busy University course to being self sufficient.

I had planned a routine that would get me out of the house regularly and stop me getting too introverted. But I do like my own company and I haven't been able to implement the new regime just yet due to other commitments. At the moment it's been punctuated by more leisure time than I am normally used to and to say I have drifted and lost direction is the understatement of the year.

I should reach a turning point soon. I just need to shake off my student ways and get on with being me again. It's been three years. I think I have earned the right to fall off the treadmill for a short time.

Anyway, to end here's another snippet on life from a naturists point of view. We love this! Clothes optional

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