Thursday, 7 June 2012

# 87 Getting back into routine

There is a reason this post is not on my business page. A good reason. It's because it's a vent and I do not complain on company time no matter how annoyed I might be - it's just not professional.

I am no longer at university - OFFICIAL - but the whole leaving process has been painfully dragged out due to our end of year runway show two weeks ago and Graduate Fashion Week which is next week.

Three fabulous years have been marred by three depressingly bad three weeks right at the end and to be frank, at the moment, if I never see the inside of Thomas Parker House again it'll be a day too soon. Secretly however, I think I may be tied to it for considerably longer and after some time apart I am hoping we resolve our differences.

So last week I was working from home in an official capacity for the first time since last summer. And I was remembering what it felt like not to be tied to deadlines that weren't of my own making. And yes it felt good. Something I had been dreading (working from home) became a good thing because there I was doing what I do, using my brain and not being told what sort of designer I should be or how I was going to be marketable. And it's also dawned on me that I am no longer working as an aside to having a full time job. This is now what I do all the time. Isn't that fun?

I am the designer I am. Invariably my clients will dictate my styles which is fine by me. I am after all providing a service. They are paying me to make them unique individual clothes that fit them. I didn't need a degree to do this, or learn how to run a business or to be told what type of designer I was going to be, BUT the skills I have learnt over the last three years HAVE been incredibly useful and it has not been a waste by any means.

As well as that, my routine has been completely lost the last few months and so many amazing things have happened to me this year that I've almost lost sense of who and what I am. I let everything carry me where it wanted which was great. But now what I need is to eat proper meals, do some exercise, work a 9 - 5 and get creatively independent again.

And most importantly of all I need to figure out my work / life balance because I was reminded recently that I haven't seen some of my friends in MONTHS and that's just terrible. :/

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