Saturday, 17 March 2012

# 74 New week, new motto

To be honest with you I'm pretty glad this week is over. It's been a high pressured, deadline meeting, messed up, emotional train wreck of a week and I'm hopefully finally moving on (again). Please let this be the last time this year.

It began last night with yet another resolution to stop falling for the wrong guys and a trashy chick flick. You know, those ridiculous stories that have happy endings? Well gee, I'm not so sure about that, but if there's the promise of Hugh Jackman at the end, then I'm willing to play along for an hour and 16 minutes.

I managed to avoid my nemesis 'Bridget Jones' and plumped instead for 'Someone Like You' which actually is the perfect chick flick to end the kind of week I've had. Jane Goodale, the centre of the story line, could be my new nemesis, except she gets the enigmatic Jackman and I have an empty bed, again.

Hugh Jackman - who wouldn't.
So this weekend shall be busy with shoots and sewing and hopefully a Saturday night out. Next week will be filled with a stack of deadlines before four weeks of Easter break from Uni. I have crushed it full of shoots, commissions, a runway show in Birmingham and a week's round trip to my parents in Kent and a friend in the Cotswolds. Then I'm on the home straight for the last few weeks of my three year degree.

After that, I'm on my own. My business will be official and I will be the legal sole proprietor of a bonefide company. That freaks me out - in a good way. It should be enough to distract me from everything else. So why the hell do I worry about the other stuff when all this is going on?

Beats me!

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