Wednesday, 7 March 2012

# 65 Travel

On Monday I went to Stockport for a photoshoot. I love to travel and I actually don’t mind public transport although I will often profess otherwise. It's a genuine excuse to sit still, do nothing and think or sleep or read, or whatever it is I want to do that I rarely get a chance to indulge in. Sometimes I just do nothing and I really enjoy that in an environment where I’m not procrastinating but genuinely unable to get distracted by anything else.

Second to the train (which I like for the views but not the hassle factor) my favourite mode of transport is the car. I absolutely love driving. I love the mechanics of it, the independence it brings, the familiarity of being in something that is yours and has all the stuff in it that you need for that day.

So even though I was typing this on the train to Stockport, it didn’t last because I genuinely wanted to sit and do nothing. It's a state of mine I don't enjoy very often these days. I keep myself very busy, partly because I love what I do. Partly because it stops me from having too long to think about the stuff I can't deal with right now.  I guess I'm just a coward for that.

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