Tuesday, 20 March 2012

# 76 Trust

To be able to put your trust entirely in a human being, to me, seems very foolhardy. It's never happened to me. I don't mean trust them with a secret, or even your future hopes and fears. But everything, your entire being emotionally and physically, everything you see and everything you feel. It's a dangerous risk to take because people are unpredictable and you never quite know how things are going to change. People can change so very fast. Once your trust is taken and they hold your secrets it's like they own you and this is a very dangerous game to play.

Not falling into this position can be instinctive or it can take years to perfect. I've never completely embraced it but I have come close a few times. Each time I have learnt why it is a keen lesson indeed.  Yes, I am still learning though rarely do I get my fingers burnt these days.

I don't think I'll fall into it anytime soon. But you never can tell. Sometimes people can surprise you, sometimes they can let you down. I guess only time and a little caution will tell.

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