Friday, 16 March 2012

# 73 Bedfellows

I randomly googled 'How to stop falling in love' the other day (like you do) because I figure if I can stop all this nonsense I won't keep getting into messy situations and struggling with feelings of bewilderment and regret. It's remarkable how much there is on the internet on the subject. I found this one on Yahoo Answers which I rather liked:

'If you are asking if it is possible for the mind to triumph over the heart, my personal experience and observations would indicate that the heart does as it wants. No logic or reason can influence its behavior.

The heart will whine and cry like a baby when it wants something... especially, something that it cannot have. You can try to comfort it, but in the end, when it gets out of control, and cannot be silenced, you must take it out of the room and away from that which it is crying for. Otherwise it will just disturb everyone else and make your life miserable.'

Not very scientific I know, but I suppose it is not possible to fall in love that fast. Love at first sight is surely therefore just infatuation at first sight and therefore it is possible to halt it, by, as the above writer indicated, taking it out of the room.

I been rather unimpressed with this year so far. So I've determined to simply lock down to my work and avoid any possible situation in which I may end up in his horrible predicament again. It is after all, the one thing that has kept me focused and moving forward. It is my bedfellow and I'm sure I don't need any other at the moment.

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