Monday, 26 March 2012

# 78 Friendship

I occurs to me there are a lot of ulterior motives where friendship is concerned. I seem to get embroiled in all sorts of situations which don't fit my nature. Whatever you may think of me (probably because you don't know me well enough) I am a good friend. I don't take sides, my advice is impartial and I don't back stab. I will help to resolve things where I can. If all that messed up shit is your bag, don't bother because I'll see you a mile off and walk away.

If you've got me as a real friend, you'll know it. If you're side stepping around me and not sure whether to trust me, more fool you. I give second chances, no more. Because I know that the kind of friendship I offer doesn't come around that often. Read it, and take head. I am no longer taking prisoners.

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