Friday, 23 March 2012

# 77 Three day catch up

This last week has been insane on so many levels. Now I feel I should do a three day blog catch up. But this is okay. I am not always in control of my life. Hey, it happens! Even control freaks and workaholics lose out sometimes.

Work deadlines for both university work and my business have been incredibly pressured this last week but this wasn't unexpected. I don't mind that, even if it means over the last three days I have had only 9 and a half hours sleep collectively. I work well under pressure and often produce my best work under these circumstances. The results should give you an idea how worth it, it all was. However, it has been coupled by personal stuff and the clash in the middle has been hard to balance against everything else.

Thankfully Friday was the perfect culmination to the entire week in one day. Deadlines met, amazing work results with fantastic teams, quality time with friends and personal stuff sorted to a happy conclusion. This gives me a smiley face like this :)

My month long Easter break from Uni begins now. It is full of design work, photoshoots, social gatherings and quality down time with friends and I am just going to enjoy every moment of it.

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